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The Sichuan Centre was formed in March 1999 with a 70% investment from E.L.I.Holdings and a 30% investment from Chinese firms and the provincial government of Sichuan. The purpose was to form stronger trade and cultural links between Western China and Europe. Supported by the British and Chinese governments, the Sichuan Centre organises cultural & educational exchanges as well as receiving official government delegations in the UK.

The Sichuan centre is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elm Lane International Holdings Inc (E.L.I.Holdings); together with E.L.I. Holdings and our network of offices in China, we are committed to developing business and cultural exchanges between the UK and China, especially in Sichuan Province. The services we provide include:

  1. Arranging seminars, exhibitions, business government delegations, and providing related services;
  2. Identifying and evaluating potential business partners;
  3. Providing advice on investment in Sichuan, and protecting our members' interests, including repatriation of funds;
  4. Finding agents for our members' products and suitable distributors for sales and after-sales services;
  5. Helping members to import and export goods;
  6. Providing access to specialist Chinese lawyers experienced in international and Chinese law and advising on a variety of legal issues;
  7. Organising educational and cultural exchanges.

Consulting for UK Companies

Sichuan Centre is a consulting company. We are locally based, with local knowledge. We have a deep understanding of Chinese and Western business culture to make sure you achieve your goals. The Sichuan Centre provides advice and assistance to UK companies wishing to:

  • Set up Joint Ventures’ with Chinese companies in China. 
  • Export products to China.
  • Provide education and immigration services.
  • Establish offices or representation in Sichuan or other areas in China.

We Help You Expand Globally

China lacks the cutting-edge technologies to take production levels and quality to the optimum. Foreign companies with these advantages have a great opportunity in China, and has overtaken Japan to become the world’s second-biggest consumer economy.

We have deep understanding of what the Chinese market needs, and we have connections with people work within the industry, who can help us understand better how to bridge the gap between China and the UK, and how to maximise your interest.

Consulting for Chinese Companies

Sichuan Centre has contacts throughout an extensive range of companies in China, in all industries and all areas of China. We provide advice and assistance to Chinese companies wishing to:

  • Find an International company to set up a joint venture in the UK.
  • Export products overseas or import products from overseas. 
  • Develop an interest overseas (setting up a distribution network, opening a factory, etc) in Europe. 

Our Mission

Western China, Sichuan in particular, offers foreign businesses some of the greatest untapped resources of China. The growing economic power of the region provides excellent opportunities for international clients wanting to establish a beachhead in China’s vast interior. Sichuan Centre provides its clients with a full range of services to develop and achieve their ambitions in China. Our services includes: government lobbying and relations, market and consumer research legal advice. By giving our clients the means to realize their goals in Western China, the Sichuan Centre has become the region’s foremost business consultancy.

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